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Life gives us what we demand, not what we desire or deserve!

It is time to demand for “True” change! – and reject every election winning fallacies that we are being fed from the campaign podiums of all political parties.

However, for there to be a meaningful demand, we have to define and articulate our concerns as a people.

So, what is Change?

In our view and In no particular order, the following are some basic indices of change and development:

•Active youth and women participation in decision making at all levels of governance
•Transparent and fair democratic electoral process
•Participatory policy formulation
•Corruption free Leadership
•Global standard educational curriculum with indigenous research and development
•Easy access to legal mechanism and justice
•A safe place to live and trade

If any of the elected President pumps all the available funds on refinery and other infrastructural development projects, without rebuilding the core of the foundation of the nation’s vision, ethics and values, it wont be long, the investment will sink like before.

When we institutionalize and create policies and systems that will aid the above, then achieving – Stable Electricity, World class Rail transportation, National Airline, World Cup Hosting, indigenous research and innovation, Going to the moon and many other elements or symbols of development will seize to be a rocket science for us.

However, these are not all going to happen in one year. At Mark Makers Foundation, we intend to sell this definition of a meaningful change for the next 10 years – Change 2025 

Now that you know, i’m sure you are asking, what is my part in all of this?

1. You need to get involved and add your voice at every available opportunity. You need to start writing, sharing and spreading the knowledge about TRUE CHANGE  from public gatherings to publication and most importantly, on social media platforms – tweet it, broadcast on bbm, post it on facebook, google+ e.t.c Use this hashtags #truechange, #dontbedecieved, #speakboldly …and also create others.

2. We need to engage in constructive developmental advocacy and collaboration with the private sector and other stakeholders, combined with intensified and consistent nationwide demand for responsive leadership at all levels of governance and in all sectors of economy.

3. You can also fund our effort to push this through the traditional media(Tv, Radio, Newspaper…) We request your willing donations. Click here for details…

We invite you to join the conversation by following us on twitter @markmakersng.

Above all, #Speakboldly! And ensure to always #Votewisely!

Also add your views below, and suggest more indices of change with a brief explanation aside those listed above.

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  1. Hi there everyone, it’s my first visit at this site, and the post is in fact fruitful and i support it. keep up posting such articles.

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