Our Strategy

Our Call to  Service:

  • In most African societies, the people’s rights are continually being denied and abused due to ineffective governance.  On the other hand, the people are losing the psychological battle essentially because of ignorance. The secret is – whatever you can’t Define, you can’t Demand!
  • Young people are the lifeline of any nation. If they are without vision, then there is no future. However, the larger percentage of youth that are visionary lacks the mental resources to actualize their dreams. Young people must be deliberately and continually empowered for effective participation in national development.
  • The educators and the politicians are a major part of the stakeholders that influences the direction of every nation. The first provides mental alertness and pedagogical development, while the later is responsible for constitution of policies  and infrastructural development. Either of the group must never be neglected


Our Approach:363

We continually look forward to collaborating with Local organizations, international NGOs, UN arms,  Multinational corporations, Donors, Philanthropist and YOU  in mobilizing resources to creating an enabling environment and the synergy for a repetitive implementation of the following programs:

  • Human Rights Education
  • Pedagogical development training and Research tour for Teachers
  • Leadership Academy for Political Aspirants
  • Advocacy and public enlightment campaigns on effective democratic governance
  • A video enabled Virtual Learning Portal on socially-endangering issues with a focus on United Nation’s World programme of action.
  • Vision casting camp for young people between ages 18 – 24 years
  • Local and international exchange training program for visionary youth from 25 – 35 years

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