About Us

We are a voluntary movement for Social change and Transformation of the African society. We believe that through (Leadership) Education, an (Enabling) Environment and Exposure , sustainable Empowerment is inevitable. We call it the 3Es of Empowerment.
We started out in 2004 as Mark Makers International – www.markmakers.de.vu6
And now, we are in a new phase with a more strategic approach to social change across Africa as Mark Makers Foundation.
I. We possess a passion for the development of people and processes.
II. We are a catalyst for transformational leadership
III. We are social entrepreneurs


To collaborate and contribute to the achievement of a transformed society


We seek to envision and empower the individual and the system to embrace and become transformational


• To build a platform to equip, empower and expose our target audience to qualitative information on global trends in leadership and good governance.
• To create the much needed opportunity for knowledge sharing, international networking and the exchange of strategies of “what works” globally, for the purpose of local adaptation or replication.
• To inspire an active engagement and contribution to the alleviation of known socially-endangering issues through consistent innovative thinking


Youth – (Ages 18 – 35)
Teachers – (Elementary to High School)
Politicians – (Aspiring Candidate)

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